Lucy Martin for Calabasas City Council


Dear Neighbor:

I first got involved in city government to improve our schools for my two children and to give back to a community I dearly love. As a City Commissioner focusing on education, I have had the opportunity to boost resources for Calabasas classrooms, to strengthen the partnership between our city and the school district and to facilitate grants for effective city programs.  I am running for City Council to continue in this spirit of service and bring Calabasas together to solve problems based on consensus and mutual respect.  I am not a lawyer or an incumbent or an issue-specific activist. I am a local mom, wife and volunteer whose kids grew up in Calabasas and who is passionate about serving our community. 

During my tenure as City Commissioner, I have witnessed an attempt by the Special Interests to influence our local government. I want to bring back community and transparency to our local government in order to protect our scenic ridgelines, improve partnerships with our schools and promote fiscally sound practices.   I hope you will join me in this campaign and I appreciate your consideration.


Lucy Martin

Vice Chair, City of Calabasas Parks, Recreation and Education Commission.

President, Greater Mulwood Homeowners Association.

President,  Calabasas High School PFC.


A Message from Lucy

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Restoring the residentsí voice to city government

Preserving open space, scenic ridgelines, and viewsheds


Fiscal responsibility

Donít forget to VOTE!  March 8th, 2011

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